I.T. Lucas

I.T. Lucas


I.T. Lucas, the author of the Children of The Gods series, lives in Southern California with her five favorite guys. Ever since meeting the love of her life at a high-school party, she and her hubby have been doing everything together; from majoring in business and then starting and running their own, to raising four wonderful boys.

A voracious reader, her interests run the gamut from fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal romance, to forays into the mythologies and histories of ancient civilizations, philosophy, the nature of the universe – physical and metaphysical, and more.

Still, if not for her sons’ insistence, she would’ve never thought of incorporating this fascinating trove of information into fiction. Of course, what they had in mind were not the smart yet steamy paranormal-romance novels she ended up writing… which they can’t read… Their dad, naturally, reads everything, offers suggestions, and with the right incentives, proofreads

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